It sounds very technical indeed if it talks about software and format in computer embroidery problem. Because using a computer then need another device that can change the physical data into computer commands. The commands to be included in the computer embroidery machine consist of thread pressure, the shape of the hatching stitch, the seam position to the color choice of the thread. Because it consists of several interests then understand about the software and the format for computer embroidery is equally necessary. There is some software that is difficult to show the difference between each other. Aside from that, you may also need to visit a professional embroidery company’s website.


This software is used to convert images from bitmaps (dots) into vector formats (lines). Vectorizer is not too difficult to find because it can usually be found on some common software for drawing like Illustrator and Inkscape, and of course on some embroidery software.


Digitizers can convert vector formats into CNC format formats or formats that can indicate parts that will be stitched simply. This software is usually included with the vectorizer. Having a file that describes the stitching position of the design in question is an obligation in the case of computer embroidery. Some digitizers can work almost automatically while others require the puncher to do it alone. But there is also a digitizer that gives both.


Software to view files mainly on files with generated script formats.


The transformer used to change the size, rotation, and color of the design.


This software is used to convert one file format into another format. The converter includes in it viewer and transformers.


Using the editor can create a design and sometimes also vectorize. Editors make it possible to create stitches in various ways such as a plug or a plug. Even so, the actual digitizer can also do this job.


The lettering program can create letters that allow for stitching. Lettering is very important because if translating letters only by using digitizer then the result will be bad. This is because the algorithm used is not as optimal as using lettering.