What is the first thing crossed your mind when you heard the types of archery? Maybe the word flow here sounds quite strange but the flow in question is an archery technique or method. Maybe you think there is only one way of archery by standing. However, it turns out that there are several techniques from archery that you should know about and of course you can learn at the archery course. Surely it would be very unfortunate if you could only learn one way of archery while there were lots of archery methods out there. Many of the newbie focus on how to use the bow properly or what to prepare before playing archery. However, you must also know the importance of replacement bowstrings since it will impact on your experience in using the archery.

Of all types of archery, the first archery flow is a thumb draw technique. Yes, such this technique is often used by riding archers. In this technique, it is the right thumb or left thumb that pulls the bowstring. This technique is one of the most practical techniques for horsemen who have to divide their concentration between archery, controlling the speed of the horse, and replacing the bow. This one technique cannot be done by just anyone, they might be really the experts in the class who can do it.

As the beginner, you do not worry because there are two other techniques which are aimed for the beginners. The trick is to place the bow between the leg and the lower wing of the arrow in front of one leg. This method is actually quite easy unfortunately when using this technique the archers tend to pull the arrows towards the body instead of towards the thighs so that the bow will curve automatically. If you are ready for archery, then you can consider how often you must repalce the bowstring.