Many think that the fact about the skin just resembles the problem of acne, red rashes, and other skin diseases. But did you know that skin has an important role in the human body? Let’s look at the following important facts about skin. But before that, if you have skin problems especially melasma, you can visit our website and get Creme Para Melasma.

1. The skin is the body’s largest organ
The skin is the largest organ of the human body. David Bank, director at the Center for Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery in New York, says the skin in adults is about 1.73 meters square in length and works to cover bones and humans. Then, your weight is affected by 16% overall skin weight.

2. Skin plays an important role to regulate body temperature
Did you know, if the skin plays an important role in regulating human body temperature? In fact, it is true that the skin serves as a body thermostat, and serves to regulate the sweat glands to cool the body when the weather is hot. In normal circumstances, sweat usually comes out amounting to 1 liter per day. In addition, when you are at a very cold temperature, the blood vessels in the skin will tighten by itself and limit the amount of blood reaching the skin surface. It is intended to prevent heat loss in the body. The pores on the skin will also shrink by itself when in cold temperatures, so your body does not feel the extreme cold.

3. Skin color is made of a pigment called melanin
Why sometimes skin color can suddenly bright and sometimes also pale? Basically, the color of human skin is produced by the melanin pigment in the body. Every human being has the same number of cells to produce melanin and is made by the epidermal layer on the skin. But, the more the body produces melanin, the darker the color of your skin. Ever confused no, why if we feel hot, the skin color so dark? According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, exposure to sunlight makes the body produce more melanin to protect the skin from UV rays (ultraviolet). Not infrequently if you bask in the sun the skin so a little dark and red. It is one of the skin’s melanin protection against the harmful UV rays produced.