Cleaning the house is a job that can sometimes make stress, especially for women, so it is not uncommon because of the complexity of cleaning various equipment at home, people so choose to use the services of others to help. Cleaning stubborn stains that often stick to furniture and other household appliances will certainly make you upset. However, it turns out to clean it does not need cleaning from special chemicals. You can try these following ways or benefit from h2o at home starter kit to ensure that nothing harmful substances left after you clean the appliances or stuff at home.

Clean the wooden table

Hair dryers that are usually used by women can be used to remove stubborn glass stains on tables made of wood. It’s easy, just turn on the hairdryer then point it to the stain on the table until the stain fades and the table looks clean again.

Clean the microwave

Usually, in the microwave, there are often leftovers that are difficult to clean and if left too long and pile up will definitely be disgusted. To clean it you can use white vinegar. It’s easy, put white vinegar in a bowl and put it in the middle of the microwave, then close the door and turn on the microwave for at least 5 minutes. Later the vinegar will evaporate and then wipe off the remaining food scraps using a tissue or clean cloth until the dirt is gone.

Clean the blender

Blenders that are commonly used to make juice if not cleaned properly will certainly make the remnants of juice making stick to, to clean the blender is quite easy, just enter the water then give the cleansing soap, and turn on the blender, until all parts are exposed to soap, then rinse with clean water.

Clean the glass

To clean the glass of your house you can use vinegar mixed with lemon juice and water, it can be your own glass cleaner.

Make scented clothes after use

When washing, we usually use certain fragrances, so that they are fresher and fragrance. You can add a cup of lemon juice to the detergent you use before pouring it into the washing machine.