Information Technology as the backbone of supply chain management, the concept of supply chain management cannot be separated from the development of information technology. The concept of supply chain management shows the existence of a dependency process between various companies that are related to a business system. The more companies involved in the chain, the more complex management strategies that need to be built. In the context of business, the internet has an impact on a change that creates a new perspective on business, in the form of digital marketing or internet marketing (cyber marketing, electronic marketing). When you deal with the use of the internet, it means that you are going to the process of a company engaged in business activities electronically (e-commerce or e-business), especially by using the internet as a media, market, and supporting facilities. Do you need a marketing automation solution?
In fact, any type of business regarding its size needs the right solution to fix the problems and to improve the sales so that it is possible to reach the specific achievement and goal. If this sounds to be true, then you can get in touch with us.

With information technology that is connected to the global internet, a network provides opportunities in marketing products or services, with internet networks and attractive web features is one of the good and cheaper promotional tools, especially in the service business.

Technology in marketing has an important role to improve the existence of a company or a business entity. Today’s marketing, if not supported by advanced technological developments, cannot be marketed to the fullest. The role of technology in the supplier is to support activities that are interconnected, aimed at planning, determining prices, and its relation to promoting, and distributing goods and services to groups of buyers. So that the marketing of goods and services can run optimally.