How to make a simple stove but the optimal heat yield to meet all needs both for households, household rumors industry (food makers such as tofu, tempeh, crackers, corn chips, etc.) as well as furnaces for the process of refining essential oils, bioethanol, etc. Both furnaces for households and for home industries can be made at low cost, long-lasting (3 years depending on usage) or even more. Stoves that use solid fuels such as firewood, corncobs, coal brokers, briquettes from other materials such as bloating (sugar mill waste), etc. Apart from that, if you need high-quality furnace cleaning service, you may call the Furnace Duct Cleaning Red Deer.

It’s because fuel from firewood is increasingly difficult and also expensive.

Furthermore, here are Important Parts For Making a Furnace:

a. Fireplace: Middle hole for the combustion process. The diameter of the center hole is adjusted by the tool for cooking. It should not be too wide because the heat process is less optimal.

b. The side hole in the middle of the furnace to insert fuel is made not too wide because the circulation of air coming from this hole affects the heat needed. This fuel intake hole can be used as a cover.

c. An iron footing/seat, for fuel, is placed in the bottom center hole. This decoration with a hole distance of about 1 cm or according to needs. The purpose of this decoration is so that the charcoal from wood being burned and the ashes can be separated so that the combustion process can be optimized.

d. Ash drain hole. The side hole of ash removal is used to remove combustion residue or ash. Besides that for the entry of air from the bottom into the combustion pit so that the combustion process can be optimized.

e. A pedestal for cooking utensils. This place is at the top of the stove for the pedestal of cooking utensils (pots, kettles, kettle, etc.)