Many students want to continue their learning process outside their own country. Some of these students choose English, American or other countries known as a country with a good university reputation England is one of the countries chosen by many students. The UK also requires visas for foreign tourists who come to the country. You must do a b1 test before you get or extend your Visa in the UK.
However, there are cases where student visas submitted to a State are rejected by the State. There are several things about why these things happened.

Insufficient funds
If the funds in the account are lower than recommended, then the visa application will definitely be refused. If you have received a scholarship, or a sponsor from a company or other party, include the evidence to increase the chances of approval of a student visa.

You do not immediately continue education without clear reasons:
If you do not immediately continue your education, give clear reasons, for example, you are taking a preparatory course, or because of a medical condition and so on. Unclear information could be the reason for your visa application being rejected.

Irrelevant Department
For example, you already have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering, they want to continue to a master’s degree majoring in performance and dance. It is likely that a visa application can be refused unless you can provide convincing reasons.

You don’t pay tax
Some countries, especially Britain, are very concerned with tax discipline. If they check the source of the funds that you have included, it turns out that they have not paid off their taxes, they can refuse to assume you do not have good faith to enter their country.
You must pay attention to many things before you go to England to study, including your visa. So, make sure the visa can be approved by the country.