Children are certainly no stranger to the various toys they have. For girls, they usually collect dolls to be their playmates. For this reason, many girls have very many doll collections. Now, there are various types of dolls to choose from. One of them is a silicone doll. You can choose cheap silicone babies to be your children’s collection.

As it turns out, there are some good benefits for child development when they play with dolls. You can see some of these benefits below.

1. Improve social skills
Playing with dolls supports social skills in the child’s early development. When playing with dolls with friends, they learn to communicate with each other.

2. Train the nature of responsibility
When playing dolls, for example, baby dolls, children play the role of mother. They learn and re-practice what they see from their mother’s habits.
This can develop the nature of children’s responsibility. From this game, children are easier to know how to care for pets or their younger siblings.

3. Develop compassion and empathy
Playing puppets helps children process their emotions, such as feelings of empathy and affection. This can be seen from the way children treat dolls that become an exercise for children to increase their care for those around them.

4. Improve language skills
Children often talk to the doll and other friends while playing together. Especially with the existence of puppets with sound devices, children’s language skills become wider because of their increasing vocabulary.

5. Develop children’s imagination
When children play puppets, of course, he will use his imagination. For example, if a child likes the doctor’s profession, the child will imagine that he is a doctor and the doll becomes his patient.

You only need to give the best doll for your child so that their growth and creativity can develop.