Now, many people have unique hobbies. One of the unique hobbies that a person has is designing the coins they have. this becomes a unique hobby because not everyone likes it. For that, usually custom coins are done by those who have a lot of experience and have a tool that can do it.

There are several reasons why someone likes to design a medium such as coins or pins that they have. some of those reasons are

– Hobbies
If someone has a hobby, any hobby they have of course they will do so they can do their hobby. not to mention, the hobby of making designs for coins or pins that they have. this hobby also can be a source of money for them because of pin or coin that they can resell at a higher price. With this, they can benefit more.

– Likes with Design
If someone has liked the design field, then usually they will easily create a design for any media. For that, many of them are designing pins or coins with their own designs. They know for sure, the size of the two objects and can make the right design for both. With the ability to design this is what makes a person really likes the design of coin or pin belong to them. In fact, sometimes they can not calculate how many coins they make.

– Likes Pin or Coins
If someone who likes design would like to design the coin or pin. So, meaning those who like pins or coins would love it if there is a good design for it. They will certainly choose the coin or pin is compared with the other coins. Because there is a design that they like there. Especially the pins that they always use in all the atmosphere and the events they go to. then, pin design should also fit their own personality.