Many people are very disturbed by the stress they feel. For that, use is needed by those who feel stress because of various problems they have. stress can disrupt every aspect of everyone’s life. Because, when experiencing stress, then you will not be able to focus on one thing you are doing.

In addition to using massage sandals, another thing you can do is exercise. By moving your body properly, then you can reduce the level of stress you are feeling. There are several reasons why exercise is the right sport when you are stressed.

1. Lowering Depressant Hormones
When you experience stress, the body automatically confuses the hormone cortisol and epinephrine. Both the hormone is a depressant hormone that can increase energy and blood pressure instantly as the body receives pressure. With regular exercise can reduce the stress experienced by someone. Because with exercise then you may lower the hormone cortisol and epinephrine and increase hormone antidepressants.

2. Improve Self-efficacy
This is a form of trust or confidence in solving and dealing with existing problems. Usually, people who experience stress will have a low level of confidence. It can not only increase the endurance and ability of the body to deal with stress, but it can also increase one’s self-efficacy. Exercise that can improve it is martial arts. If you have high confidence, then you will be sure that you can solve the problem well.

3. Assume That Sports Is Physical Stress For The Body
An exercise is actually a form of stress a big body. If you get used to doing sports, then the body will learn and accustomed to facing the physical stress well. With such adaptation, the body will be easier to deal with other pressures that could have arisen and better survive it. Doing regular exercise is also the same as training the body to respond better to stress, including responding in terms of functional and physiological changes in the body.