Many people use carpets in their homes. The use of carpet in the room will indeed make the room look more comfortable and neater than usual. In fact, carpets are also often placed in the kitchen, of course with the selection of the right material. Also, make sure that you clean the carpet regularly. Services from read full report can help you clean the carpet.

However, before that, you must choose the carpet that is in accordance with the needs of the room. For the living room, there are several types of carpet that you can use. Some types of carpet in question are

1. Cotton
Cotton carpet has advantages in easy maintenance compared to wool or silk but is not as durable as wool and silk. This type of carpet is suitable for children’s areas and rooms, kitchens, and other leisure areas.

2. Silk
Silk carpets have a luxurious glow and are very soft, but silk carpets have treatments that specifically require more costs, footprints are also visible from the carpet with this material. However, with softness and luxury, it is very good for the bedroom area and areas that are not often the passing of family members. Silk carpet will also be a beautiful decoration or display on the wall.

3. Wool
This material is a material commonly used for carpets, the advantages of this material are stronger, more durable, soft on the feet and comfortable. However, the lack of wool material is not suitable for a place that is damp because it absorbs water and moisture, other disadvantages are the fading color. Wool carpets are suitable for living rooms, family rooms, dining rooms, and areas that are often passed by family members.

These three materials are indeed often used as the main material for making carpets. In fact, many people choose all three types of carpet for their living room.

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