Divine Religion is a religion that originates from the Creator of man. This religion was conveyed by the Creator of man through His revelations delivered to the Prophets who had been chosen as His messengers, then the envoys were instructed to teach the religion to a certain nation that had been appointed by the Creator god is my healer. Aside from that, you might also want to check out the prayer request service if you’re a Christian.

The prophet is an ordinary human in which there is a special organ that can be used to receive revelation from the Creator. The Creator in the divine religion is called by the name of Allah. The prophet who received revelations from God, when given the task of conveying the revelation to others, was called the “Prophets”.

There are three divine religions in the world today, namely:

The Yahuudi religion taught by Prophet Musa (peace be upon him).
Christianity taught by Prophet Isa.
Islam is taught by the Prophet Muhammad.

Actually, all the divine religions taught by the Apostles since Prophet Adam. up to the Prophet Muhammad, his name is the same, namely Islam. As for later the religion of Islam taught by Prophet Musa (peace be upon him). called the Jewish Religion, then the meaning is a religion embraced by the Jews and indeed the Prophet Musa. only sent by God to save the Jews who at that time were oppressed by the Egyptians under the leadership of their king, namely “Pharaoh”.

If later the religion of Islam taught by Prophet Jesus was called “Christian Religion”, then this Christian name, according to experts, probably originated from the word “Nazareth”, namely the birth village of Prophet Isa. So that Christianity means religion taught by the Prophet who came from the village of Nazareth. And the possibility comes from the word Nash which means “help”; so that Christianity means religion from the helpers of Prophet Isa., namely the disciples of Prophet Isa. as many as 12 people from the Hawari tribe, one of the tribes of the Jewish nation.