As a place not many people know. The Galapagos became a sailing venue for everyone. Many people choose to sail there because of its natural beauty that can not be denied. Sailing tours are activities you can do when you are there and will go there. There are many animals and plants that you can only meet there and make you amazed but also aware that many of God’s creations are very beautiful.

Selian sailing with a sailboat is amazing, there are some other activities you can do there.

1. Visit the Giant Turtles Breeding at the Charles Darwin Research Station
Galapagos is famous as the home of the giant tortoise. There is a conservation location for this animal. It’s located in Puerto Ayora, a Charles Darwin research station that runs a captive procurement program and conservation efforts of the giant sack. There are more than 200 scientists involved in the project. there, there is also an informative museum featuring English and Spanish video. Giant tortoises Galapagos is a rare and endangered species. At this station, only 11 turtles remain.

2. Meet Iguana Ground on South Plaza Island
The unique animals on this island that you can find are iguanas. This place is one of the smallest islands in the Galapagos which has the largest population of land iguanas. The right place to see this species is the cactus forest. Biasnaya, on the land iguana, will be seen sunbathing or eating fruit. Not only iguanas, the island also houses lions and dogs.

3. See the Sea Iguana
If the usual iguana lives on land, then this iguana has its own uniqueness, that is in the sea. The iguanas live in the sea and can only be found in the Galapagos alone. The island is the habitat of Humedales. This animal has a unique ability to live and melt food in a marine environment. In fact, they are able to swallow at a depth of more than 9 meters.