Wood tile is a decoration element that can beautify your home. If the interior design of your house matches the wooden tile, we recommend that you install it so that your house seems more warm and comfortable. During installation, use the termite chemical coating material on the wood tile. Of course, after installation, the wood tile must also be maintained so that the beauty of its natural impression is maintained. Additionally, if you need to hire a professional tile cleaning service, you may call the company of carpetcarespecialists.biz.

Next, we will share with you tips on caring for wood tiles:

Clean wooden tiles diligently

Be diligent in cleaning this wooden tile using a broom. Do not leave dust or dirt left on it because over time it will stick and cause the wooden tile to impress badly.

Use a natural tile cleaning fluid

Choose natural tile cleaning fluid to mop the wood tiles. Simply mix the water with a squeeze of lemon or starfruit and clean the wood tile. Or if there are stains, drops of white vinegar, let stand a few minutes then wipe the stain and the stain will disappear from the layer of wood.

Don’t scratch the tile

Avoid moving furniture or items by sliding on wooden tiles because this type of tile is easily scratched. Also, use footwear specifically used inside the house because sometimes shoes from the outside carry sand gravel which can scratch wood tiles.

Maintain the tile’s moisture

Do not often mop the wood tile with water, to clean it just sweep away. Because water can make wood tiles moist and that leads to weathering and destruction.

Those are some tips for caring for wood tiles that we can share. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight which can damage the color of wood tiles, namely by installing furniture so that the light can be slightly blocked. If necessary, do routine polishing on the tile for at least 3-4 years so that the wood tile is durable in its beauty.

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