There is one effective way to get rid of mice you need to understand! Baking soda turned out to have other advantages to make mice go and even die. You only need to mix baking soda with food that rats like. After this baking soda mixture reacts in the rat’s stomach, the mouse will not be able to release gas in its body. Rats will leave in a short time to an open space, before finally dying because of the gas. Meanwhile, if you can’t get rid of rats by yourself, you can always call the finest exterminator near your area.

In addition to baking soda, one of the best ways to get rid of mice from the house is to put used tea bags into the corners where rats often pass. However, it must be remembered, only damp used tea bag that will work effectively to repel rats. The content of peppermint in a tea bag will make the rat smell very disturbed.

Then, bay leaf is one of the effective ways to get rid of mice from the house. You only need to spread bay leaves to areas that are often visited by mice. When mice eat it, even the bay leaves can cause death for mice. Do this method until all the mice managed to leave, yes!

In addition to bay leaves, soursop leaves can be used as one of the effective ways to get rid of mice because soursop leaves have an aphrodisiac that emits odors, and this odor will be avoided by rats. You need to crush the soursop leaves into small pieces before placing them in an area of the room where rats often pass.

Aside from that, when rats are trying to explore the walls of your house, try using steel wool as one of the effective ways to keep mice away. Steel wool is iron in the form of a coil and is commonly used for dishwashing sponges. This material will also work to hinder the travel of mice on the walls of your house.