Testosterone hormone is indeed an important hormone for men. in fact, some of them think that the lack of hormone tesebut be scary because it will affect their overall health. Many men also end up using ZMA to make their hormone testosterone increase. There is also a linking zma and ejaculate. Supplements that form a combination of zinc and magnesium are considered good for raising the levels of the hormone testosterone in the body.

Keep in mind that low testosterone levels can cause several complaints, such as fatigue, poor bone health, and hair loss. So, is testosterone really healthy for men? this is the answer.

1. Affects muscle mass
Men have a stronger body than women because it is supported by the hormone. You must have heard that the easiest way to build muscle mass is by injecting steroids, even if they are considered unhealthy. In fact, the way it should be done directly for men who have lower testosterone levels.

2. The distribution of fat
Many do not know that women get fat faster than men. this is because testosterone in the male body helps the process of metabolism and the distribution of fat in the body. So, no wonder also that men leih can membentuku their muscle mass compared with waniya. Hrmon produced by these testicles can also make a man’s body fitter. However, make sure that you improve healthy eating habits and eat nutritious foods.

3. Strength of bone
Many people realize that women have bone strength that is more fragile than apria. This is because men have testosterone in their bloodstream so that the calcium deposition on their body is much better.

4. Hair
If noted, men have more hair than women. this is seen as a symbol of man’s manhood. and it can happen because men have the hormone testosterone which is the cause of the many hairs that grow in some parts of their body.