Having a slide with an interesting design will certainly make you more confident when presented. To get a beautiful design presentation with a fast manufacturing time it will be better if you make it in powerpoint templates free. But this alone is certainly not enough, later you also have to bring this slide in your presentation.

Your presentation may end up falling apart if this aspect of delivery is forgotten. Therefore make sure you know some tips to bring the following PowerPoint presentation!

(1) Perform a Technical Check Before the Presentation
If you are presenting with a slide, this technical preparation is an absolute must. Moreover, if you use video in your presentation, the more things you have to make sure.

Do not you fare like my friend, who when presented with difficulty succeeded in making the most beautiful slide he ever made, came to the meeting and found that no one had brought the LCD projector.
The remaining 20% are indeed things beyond our control, for example, a sudden power failure in the middle of the presentation (it’s also possible that each presentation must have its own generator).

(2) Pay attention to your Body Orientation
Often occurs when bringing a PowerPoint presentation, the presenter’s body orientation changes. They are no longer facing the audience, but are facing their presentation slides.
Why does this happen? It is because the presenter is busy reading the text on the slide.

And so the presenter presents with just reading the text then immediately he will lose eye contact with the audience. In self-communication, eye contact is necessary. You will not be able to feel close and connected with a presenter who never looked at you. Supposedly if you are presenting by using the right slide design principle, this will not happen. Your slide is very simple and can be read at a glance.
But maybe because of the habit, I still often encounter a presenter that although the slide is simple, still when the orientation of his body facing the slide instead of facing the audience.
Therefore, when you are present, be mindful of your body orientation. Present it by facing the audience, rather than facing your slides.