After trying hard to maintain your diet and exercise regularly, your efforts to lose weight are finally achieved. Various efforts to lose weight that you do, does make the body healthier and more physically fit. However, are you happy? If your answer is “not so happy,” there’s no need to worry, you’re not alone. In fact, losing weight can indeed affect your emotions, both positive and negative. Before going to to get the supplement you’ll need for losing the weight, here are what you should know about the possible things that may happen after you get the success of losing the weight.

1. You may still think your body is overweight.

This problem occurs because you only focus on the physical, without thinking about emotional changes. Of course this will require a lot of time to stabilize emotions and leave the shadow “still fat”. “Emotional recovery is the last aspect of the transformation. All you have to do is prioritize what makes weight gain, such as distrust or stress. Test your patience in dealing with the situation, if necessary consult with a therapist.

2. Lack of emotional preparation can increase weight gain Eating emotionally is the biggest factor causing unhealthy weight gain. This way of eating will increase your weight easily again. If you lose weight with a strict diet, not by living a healthy lifestyle, emotional eating will easily happen to you. Take a strict diet, such as consuming too little calories or carbohydrates. This will slow down the body’s metabolism and easily increase body weight.

What to do: To avoid unhealthy weight gain, determine a healthy eating schedule and regularly eat healthy foods. Learn healthy ways to channel negative emotions, such as walking or sharing stories with relatives you trust or even to therapists.

3. Your relationship may change When you are going through a process of change, the environment may be around

You respond in a different way. There are those who accept, there are also those who don’t. Most people who feel uncomfortable with their weight or appearance tend to be close to someone who feels the same way.

What to do: The right way is to stay away from people who have negative influences and those who are always critical. If because weight loss affects relationships with people around, try to find a way out with an open mind.