One of the main benefits of a hat is to balance the shape of the face so that the coolness you can get from the hat will look maximal. To understand your face shape, you can try checking my writing about a suitable male hairstyle according to the shape of the face. Another easy way you can do is draw your face with lipstick, and see the results of the picture to get a wide shadow of the forehead, chin, and cheek length. Additionally, if you want to order hats with your original designs, we suggest you order customized hats.

In this article I will again briefly explain each of the facial shapes as well as the type of hat that matches:

Face Type Oblong and Triangle

These two face types are ‘long’ down face types. The main difference between oblong and triangle face types is that the oblong looks like an ellipse (so the width of the forehead and cheeks is the same) while the triangle has a narrower forehead width. Both of these facial characteristics have the same type of hat recommendations, namely hats that have a wide brim.

Box Type Face

If your friend says you have a stiff face, then your face will most likely be seen as a ‘box’. It is often called a ‘stiff’ and ‘firm’ face because it has a straight and strong jaw shape. If you want to lighten the ‘stiff’ impression of your face, then the type of hat you need is a hat with lots of curves and rounds.

Round and Oval face types

This is a very common face shape found in Asians. If the owner of a round face usually looks a little chubby or short, then the oval looks more rounded slightly oval. The owner of this face fits the majority of hat types, especially long hats.

Diamond Type Face

This type of face has the opposite shape from the triangle face. The owner of this face is often referred to as having a high intellectual level because of its wide forehead (whether or not only the owner of the face knows). Therefore, the owner of this face is better suited to hats that have a narrow brim.