What clothing is usually your favorite? Is it a t-shirt, blouse, shirt, or sweatshirt? Today, many people make sweatshirts as one of their mandatory outfits. In fact, you could say the sweatshirt is a mandatory outfit that must be in everyone’s wardrobe. Yes, in addition to warming the body, sweatshirts can also support one’s appearance. This is what makes many people love to wear this type of warm clothing. Some of them even make their own sweatshirts so they look unique, so do you also want to customize your own sweatshirt?

However, you should not just wear it, you should also be careful in caring for your sweatshirt. Improper care can make a sweatshirt shrink and the color will fade.

Then, how to care for the right sweatshirt?

You can start from the washing stage. Be sure to check the sweatshirt care label first. This label serves to tell whether the sweatshirt material is suitable for washing with a washing machine or requires special care, such as hand washing.

If the sweatshirt can be washed with a washing machine, be sure to always wash it in the gentle mode so as not to damage the fabric. In addition, include conditioners that can keep the fabric soft. The conditioner can also help the fibers in the sweatshirt not come out of the seams.

Then, to dry the sweatshirt, stay away from the use of a dryer in the washing machine. Instead, use a dry towel to help avoid shrinking sweatshirt material.
Do not also hang the sweatshirt on the hanger, because the gravity will separate the fibers and change the pattern of sweatshirt knits. In addition, this will also change the sleeves and shoulders of the sweatshirt.

Finally, make sure to put camphor when storing your sweatshirt. Because moths like to eat wool material.

This is easy, right? Come on, try applying it with your sweatshirt at home.