Abaya is one of the clothing models from the Middle East, commonly called the Arab robe. The simple model is often used to look casual hijab style. However, many argue that the abaya model is more towards the old because of the dark colors of the clothing model. Well, but don’t worry if you want to look beautiful with your abaya so it doesn’t look old. Meanwhile, if you want to buy a new abaya, perhaps you must check out the best abaya for sale online.

Here’s the trick:

Choose the print flower model

If you still want to wear black but don’t want to look old, this one style hijab trick you can try when you wear an abaya, Ladies. Yes, you can wear an abaya with a flower print model for a casual hijab look. Choose flower details with a shape large enough so that the abaya looks elegant even though you want to appear with a casual hijab.

Try to mix your abaya with peach color

The first hijab style you can choose for the abaya model is to combine black and sweet peach colors. Yes, actually wearing an abaya does not have to be always black but the color is indeed mostly chosen by Turkish women because of tradition.

The black abaya is elegant

Not only for casual hijab, but you can also wear abayas at parties. Do not believe? Try choosing unique pieces of the abaya. Black abaya combined with peach on the arms makes you look very elegant and ready to go to the party.

Bright colors beautify your appearance

While for those who prefer bright colors and anti with dark colors, do not worry. You can still wear an abaya with a selection of bright colors like white made as an outer. Then combined with pink as a deep abaya for example. Both of these colors can make you not only look younger but also look really cool you know.