Computers are now becoming commonplace. Every day, you may be dealing with this thing. Computers and the Internet have helped you a lot. Ease of finding information, performing various financial transactions, storing or processing data into something that is not too burdensome. But, behind the ease, there are various threats that can damage your data or your computer either PC or laptop. When you find your computer is not working properly, such as a slow computer, hangs, lost data, annoying views while working, you may conclude your computer is exposed to a virus. Actually, there are various threats that targeting when you work with computers and the internet. These threats can damage data, computers, and even steal important data. Threatening security is not just a virus. There may be some terms you’ve heard but still do not know what they mean. Here’s an explanation of what might threaten your computer or retrieve your important data.

1. Adware is a program that will display ads on the computer. It will be annoying because adware will generally use resources from the computer, consequently, the computer is running slowly. There are also types of adware that pop up that can be annoying while you’re at work.

2. Brute Force is an activity to break the password by combining numbers and letters in sequence. It is very dangerous if, with this technique, the unauthorized person succeeds in knowing your password then misused. To overcome this problem, it’s good password used not only consists of numbers and letters but also consists of symbols such as $, #, &, and others.

3. DDOS is an extension of the Distributed Denial of Service, where a server or computer is attacked with bombarded massive data submissions by multiple computers simultaneously. As a result, the computer is difficult to access or damage to hardware because it is unable to accommodate massive data submissions.

4. Exploit is an application that seeks to locate and attack the weaknesses of the system to gain access or with the purpose of infecting a system or computer.

5. Keylogger is one of the quite dangerous threats. Keylogger will record input entered by keyboard to be stored or sent to someone usually used for the bad purpose.

This should be especially wary if you enter a password in public places such as internet cafes. The password you enter through the keyboard can be known and can be used for bad purposes. One way to avoid keylogger is to use On Screen Keyboard when having to input password. On Screen Keyboard can be run from any Windows program located in Program | Accessories | Accessibility or by typing “osk” from Start | Run on Windows Operating System.