Protecting all the vehicles you have is a very important thing. One of the vehicles most in need of protection is the car, especially the glass. The cracked car glass makes you have to protect that part very tightly. However, if the glass of your car is cracked and will break, then you should immediately replace it with the services of Auto Glass Repair. You should replace the windshield immediately because you can not drive it with a cracked glass.

There are many problems that arise in the state of the car windshield. You need to know the problems and avoid them.

1. Glass Fungus
In a country that has a tropical climate, moist glass can be susceptible to fungi that are very difficult to remove. To avoid this, it’s good you wash your car when you feel that the car is too dirty. All the dirt in the immobilized pellets can turn into mushrooms that are very difficult to remove. So, instead of spending a lot of money just to clean up all the dirt in the car, you better clean up the dirt yourself for not too long.

2. Scratches On Glass
Scratched glass will be very difficult for you to get a clear view, you need to check the rubber wiper pad immobilize you do not harden and there is no dirt in it. small and invisible dirt can make a lot of scratches on your windshield. The scratches.

3. Crack On Glass
Cracks in the glass can be caused by unintentional stones and gravel on the glass. you need to keep a safe distance between your car and the car in front of you to avoid rocks and gravel that could have on your windshield, especially if you drive the car at high speed.

Three problems are common problems that often occur on the car windshield. To do maximum protection. You need to check your wiper and windshield frequently. Do not be lazy to do the necessary care.