If you are looking for best earphones with mic for the need to listen to your favorite music, here are some ways and tips for choosing the best earphones with mic that have good quality. In general, earphones are divided into two types. The first type of earphone is an IEM or In-Ear Monitor. This type of best earphones with mic uses rubber material that will make you feel comfortable when using it. The rubber on the best earphones with mic serves to close the sound from outside to enter so that you will only listen to music from the earphone without being disturbed by outside sounds. The best type of earphones with the second mic is Earbuds. Earbuds are not like an IEM that can prevent outside noise from entering. This is because the Earbud is made of a hard plastic material with a round shape. There is no part that can hold the entry of external sound into the ear.

Before buying, make sure you first choose earphones like what you like. You can also choose what type of earphone IEM or Earbud you like the most. After that, choose earphones with the design, color, and length of the cable to suit your needs and needs. You can also buy earphones that have the same design and color and are suitable for your smartphone. Of course, this will give a good impression of your appearance. The sensitivity of the earphone will affect how much noise can be produced by the earphone. This sensitivity is indicated by the writing of a Sound Pressure Level or SPL with decibels or milliwatts. You can choose earphones with a high SPL number so that it doesn’t require you to increase the volume too high and can also save smartphone battery power. But to keep your hearing, you should choose earphones with a sensitivity smaller than 85 dB.

The ability of earphones in responding to the frequency of sound waves also gives an effect on the quality of the earphone. A good quality earphone is a type of earphone that has a large frequency range, and a bigger one, the better. Earphones with a good frequency response will be able to bring up low-frequency sounds that cannot be raised by earphones with poor frequency capture quality. The type of music that you often listen to can also be a reference for you in choosing earphones. Choose earphones that match the music you normally listen to. You can choose earphones with bright types of classical and rock music types. The sound released by this earphone is generally more on treble sound. You can also choose warm type earphones to listen to music with metal and hip-hop types. The resulting sound will further highlight the bass sound because this type of music generally has a slower vocal sound.