Activity that often drains energy is when washing clothes. Dirty clothes are always there every day. However, in this era, there are many laundry services that can help you to ease the burden of washing. But before giving all your laundry to the Lavanderia laundry, first, do these tips at home so that your laundry is fine.

1. Account location
Choose laundry that is close to your home, can even be reached on foot. The point is that you can immediately deal with ‘small accidents’ such as clothes being exchanged, left in the laundry, or instead you are accidentally carrying another customer’s clothing.

2. Don’t get caught up in price
Choose a laundry that is priced according to the standard, not too cheap. Because the very cheap laundry does not separate each of his clothes so that your clothes are at risk of discoloration. High-priced laundry tends to be more careful in sorting clothes before washing.

3. Choose each outfit
Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can put all your clothes in the laundry. For clothes made from silk, white, using accessories, made from leather, and clothes that are quite expensive should not be submitted to the laundry. Wash the clothes to a reputable laundry so that the quality is guaranteed. Also, even if you only hand over your home clothes to the laundry, keep an eye on the washing labels for each garment.

4. Special request
Nothing wrong with you asking for special treatment for various clothes. As a consequence, you are ready to pay higher. For example, there are some clothes that need to be rubbed before washing, or if you want to provide special soap or softener for your and children’s clothes. Do not forget to give a label or marker on the clothes.

5. Write down your items
Calculate the amount and record any clothes that you submit to the laundry, including the condition when handed. So you can complain if there are deficiencies or new stains.