In big cities, there are still many acts of car theft. As car drivers and automotive lovers, increasing security is a must thing to do. Here are some ways you can use it to keep the car safe when parking. On the other hand, call the Car Keys Dublin service if you must get new replacement keys for your car quickly.

1. Immobilizer

In new cars, almost all have used the immobilizer security feature. But for cars that have not used the feature, they can add themselves to the workshop. The way the immobilizer works is to use the code on the transponder on the key. The code must match the code in the vehicle ECU. If it doesn’t match, the car’s engine will not turn on.

2. Selecting the Parking Area

Look for parking locations that do not disturb other drivers and in bright places. Don’t forget to use the turn signal when looking for a parking space so that other drivers know what you mean. Avoid parking on narrow roads, bends, or no-parking zones, such as zebra crossing. Make sure the parking location will be occupied according to the dimensions of your car.

3. Using parking aids

Some cars have started to be equipped with features that make it easier for drivers to park. Ranging from parking sensors to parking cameras. Parking sensors are usually attached to the rear outer bumper, some are placed in the front bumper. If there is an object that is getting closer to the car, the sensor will emit a louder sound. As for the parking, a camera can help you detect objects that are behind the car.

4. Do not leave the car in engine condition

One mode of car theft is to run a parked car while the engine is on. Avoid leaving the car in a car even though it is in a garage at home.

5. Make sure the condition of the car is ready to be left when parking

Make sure the windshield is closed and the car door is locked when leaving the parked car. Doors that are not tightly closed make automatic alarms not work. Open car glass makes it easy for the thief to open the car door.