Mobile phones or mobile devices are one of the many telecommunication tools that are very important for people’s lives. However, the problem that usually arises during its use is the bloated costs when cell phone users who do not use the telephone with careful planning. Therefore, there are several plans that can be applied to save cellular phone credit costs. Meanwhile, visit you’re looking for a good way to convert your cellular credits into real money.

Here are some tips to save cellular phone credit costs:

Use a cellular package

Firstly, you can do in order to keep telephone financing low is to use a cellular package according to the ID number you are using. By using a cellular package, there are certain packages that can be enjoyed with a certain time limit, such as SMS packages directly with the phone. This way, you can save money and switch to other expenses. However, you need to check first whether the selected cellular package can be used for all ID numbers or not.

Use of an integrated Wifi call system

If you want to save more on the cost of a cell phone, there’s no harm in using a social media application that is also equipped with telephone facilities, such as Whatsapp, BBM, Line, Skype, and other applications. You can use telephone facilities by first connecting a cellular profile with an internet or Wifi signal. In this way, you don’t need to waste a lot of credit to make calls to different telephone numbers with your network. However, this one system also has few obstacles when your location is not equipped with unlimited internet or 3G signal networks. Therefore, to overcome this, make sure the signal that is on your mobile phone is full and make sure you are in a location that is not blocked by buildings or high plants which generally can inhibit signal distribution.