According to the world’s leading fitness expert, Harry Jameson, strong back muscles play an important role in encouraging the physical formation of muscles. Moreover, the main benefit of strong back muscles is as a basis for improving the stability of the arm, chest and abdominal exercises or the abdominal area. In fact, strong back muscles are also able to avoid you from the risk of pain and various problems of the spine. In the meantime, you can also buy crazy bulk to get the better result of your training.

Here, we present five great tips to build strong back muscles.

1. Weight training

Weight training with one ballast at each end of the stick is the best way to strengthen the back muscles. Make sure you’ve warmed up enough on the leg area and swung the load with a non-drastic speed change. However, if you still have difficulty in lifting weights with ballast, doing it with just an iron rod is enough, as long as it is in an intense frequency.

2. Pull-Up

For beginners, this exercise is quite difficult to do although it does look easy. The point is you have to focus on lifting your body slowly and holding it up to minute levels per minute. If you have been strong enough to go up and down rhythmically, then you can be sure your back muscles start to form quite well.

3. Attract the load cable

There are several types of weight-bearing drag exercises, but the only exercise in a sitting position is touted the most useful in forming the back muscles. Make sure your sitting position does not seep when pulling the footrest with a load cable to pull the muscle in the back more felt and well trained.

4. Swing the barbell up
Can be done while standing or sitting with a recommended barbell weight above 10 pounds. Swing the barbell with a constant rhythm in a structured repetition to give maximum muscle contraction. Do it with the same frequency for each hand.

5. Swing the barbell down

Almost similar to the previous point, but only different on how to do it, that is with swung down. If the exercises in the previous points are useful for exercising the upper arm and shoulder, the downward barbell exercises aim to strengthen the upper back muscles.