You take the b1 english test because you have the desire to live in the UK. However, you must have a legal permit. On other words, you must become a legal citizen. If you first set foot in the UK, whether to study or to work, you might be surprised by the cultural differences that exist. In a way, this difference will definitely affect our psychic or commonly called culture shock. Well! To go through your adaptation period with confidence, you should pay attention to the following advanced level english test:

You can’t be late

In the UK, especially in the academic world, everything must go according to schedule and time. There is no such thing as a student who is unemployed because he is waiting for the lecturer. Every learning takes place on time. Likewise, when you want to meet with a professor or professor. Don’t expect to be able to meet face to face just by coming to their room. At the very least, you have to make an appointment by telephone or another.

Appreciate to be Appreciated

Like eastern customs, British culture also upholds ethics. Don’t forget to always say “please” every time you ask for help from someone else. You may not forget to say “thank you” after getting help. Although it seems simple, saying thank you with a friendly smile will affect people’s response to us.

To queue!

It’s no longer civilizing to queue, in the UK it has risen to the level of being queued up! Any time and at any time. When at the desk reception, or when in the canteen to buy food, we are required to stand in the queue. The Britsh love to queue!

Both men and women have the same opportunity

In the UK, there are no differences in treatment or regulation for women and men. Everyone plays the same role. The position of the leader is not only for men if women have more capacity, why not?