Planning a party that is not too draining pockets? Well, if at your house there is a vacant garden or backyard of the house is quite spacious bouncy castle hire, why do not you use as a place for the party event? Garden party or garden party can be an alternative for you who want to save budget.

A birthday party, engagement, or family gatherings are able to set the backyard of the house in order to make the event simpler. You also do not need to rent a place in the building and can keep the conditions inside the house remain neat despite the arrival of many guests.

Without a large fee, guaranteed a garden party gives a deep impression to the guests if you follow the following tips!

Define Theme Garden Party
It is very important to determine the theme of the party for your simple garden party turned into more exciting and fun. Speaking of themes, color is one of the things that becomes your main focus. You can choose soft colors like pastels (lavender, mint, yellow, pink, or young orange) combined with neutral colors and a bit of metallic touch.

The party will not be complete without entertainment. Entertain your invited guests with a variety of entertainment that you can choose to taste like music, karaoke, or fun games like bouncy castle hire. Create a fun party for the entertainment you provide.

Garden Decorations
Choosing garden decorations that fit the theme is both fun and challenging. You can choose a variety of party decorations such as table decorations that can be a vase of flowers or fruits. In order for your garden more festive, a variety of pots with flowers bloom can you place in certain spots.

Define the Food and Drink Menu
Well, before choosing the food menu, you better to specify first whether dish in the form of buffet or set of food. In addition to the main meal, you can provide complementary foods such as salads and cakes that you can customize the color with the theme of the party. As for the drink, if you want your party more interesting, you can serve the cocktail with the color according to the theme and provide a small bar in the corner of the park. Choose a menu of food and drinks as simple as possible.