One of the best ways to make people laugh is to make jokes or tell funny stories. It even can also be a kind of entertainment for you as well. The results suggest that jokes and laughter can reduce stress and relieve tension. It can also be a way of you to be productive in your free time. Good jokes can also neutralize the awkwardness. But to make people laugh requires planning. With the following tips and exercises that you can try to do to make your jokes, your best jokes can make people laugh happy.

1. Determine good humor material

First, you can make topics that not only interest you but also those who will listen to your jokes. Making sure your humor is fun for the listener is important.

You need to determine the types of humor or comedians that can make you and your colleagues laugh. Getting a humorous idea that can make you laugh will lead you to find more optimal humor material.

You can think about other materials for different circumstances and listeners, so you can pass on your humor. For example, the humor you carry on a job interview Will not be the same as the family gathering.

2. Look for topics for different circumstances and listeners

Then, you can determine your humor at any place or group of people you meet. This way you will find people who understand your humor and laugh at it. Deciding on the material is also useful for reducing the offending tendency of a person. For example, humor brought to a pool of medical professionals would not be appropriate for a collection of historians or politicians.

Topics such as recent events, celebrities, or even yourself can be good humor material. You can get funny material from many events. For example, public figures and their habits often make them a source of jokes.