If you can not find a comfortable position after trying to sit or lie down on the mattress, it’s probably not the right mattress for you. You should try another type or model of mattress. The choice of your mattress will not cure insomnia or diseases that make you sleepless, but the mattress is not comfortable or not in accordance with your needs will add to the problem of sleep. You can also use the adjustable bed. Visit our website to find adjustable beds reviews.

One more thing you may need to consider about comfort. If you sleep with a partner, you need to invite the couple to choose a mattress that will be purchased. So you and your partner can make sure the mattress is comfortable and comfortable enough for both of you.

Consider more than one mattress size. Although you sleep alone, does not mean having to buy a single size mattress. If you do need a large surface to add to the comfort of sleep, choose a mattress with a double size. It should be remembered that size means not only the width but also the height of the mattress. Ideally, the mattress should be 10 to 15 cm higher than your height.

Customize the mattress with the size of your bedroom. Of course, you need to leave enough space to stay comfortable in the room, do not let the size of your mattress cover access to open windows, cabinets, using a dressing table, or leaving room for storing things. Do not forget you also still need to open the door of the room! Many people are making miscalculations of room size because it does not take into account the space to open the door. So, adjust the size of the mattress to the size of your room. If you really want a wide mattress but do not have enough space to store things, you can consider buying a bed with a storage bed model, so you will have a spacious mattress and enough space to store items.