Large pores are one of the problems that oily faces and combinations face. Their oil glands produce more sebum to prevent dry skin. But the excess of this oil can clog pores and gather together dead skin cells and other impurities that make the pores look enlarged. The condition could be worsened by weather conditions and age. You can visit our website to get Ziampro Products which you can use as your skin problem solver.

Although quite disturbing appearance, the pores cannot actually be eliminated or permanently diminished. Pores are very necessary as a channel to remove oil and dirt from the body. But do not worry, because you can still do the following treatments and tips to make it appear smaller:

– Choosing the right facial care product
Pay close attention to what your facial care products contain. Choose products with zinc and magnesium that can help balance facial oil production and cleanse the pores. Products with soft ingredients such as rosemary and lavender also relieve irritation and prevent the pores appear dilated. You can also choose products with salicylic acid which help smooth the skin texture and remove dead skin cells. Similarly, retinol can cleanse the pores. Do not forget to make sure that the products are noncomedogenic which means it will not clog pores.

– Cleans the face and exfoliating
Cleansing the face can remove any debris and sebum that clogs the pores. Use a soft cleanser twice a day and after exercise. No need to clean the face too often because it can make the skin dry and trigger oil glands to be more active in production. Do also exfoliating two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells.

– Wear toner
Using toner helps cleanse the skin and remove the impurities more completely. Choose toner containing lactic acid and glycolate that can restore the freshness of the skin and keep it primed. Use a toner after cleansing the face, but before wearing a moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive, just use toner about 2 times a week to prevent the skin too dry.