The type of shirt model is indeed a very popular clothes among young people today, because not only formed from a very simple model when used but also shirts issued by the screen printing like our shirt printing singapore also very popular because has a very comfortable material. This is also an argument as to why this kind of good shirt is so much liked by everybody shirt printing singapore. At the present time, this model trend of shirts screen printing also issued the latest model that has a motif Printing Pigment.

Pigment screen printing is like super white, but the difference is felt on this type of screen printing when in touch, pigment stencil is a bit stiff, compared to superwhite elastic to follow motion t-shirts. Pigment screen printing leaves a little precipitate/crust on the shirts, although it has been washed, the sediment will remain attached to the fabric fibers. Can you imagine it?

This type of pigment screen printing is a bit in the market, this is because the quality of pigment screen printing has been replaced with superwhite screen printing is better than the pigment type. There are so many models of shirts that you can have and we provide them for you, the only one for you. In addition to the pigment screen printing model, there are several other screen printing models and you should be able to know it, namely Glow T-shirt In The Dark / GITD is a kind of screen printing that produces the effects of light in the dark. This light is generated from Phosphor chemicals capable of absorbing energy and emitting light. Glow In The Dark for different shirts with glow-stick, the glow-stick is still in liquid form, while on its phosphor silk screening drugs in solid powder form. Glow-stick able to light up long enough compared with GITD screen printing. In Glow in The Dark t-shirt screen, the resulting light is less than 3 minutes. But do not worry after the light goes out, you can still fill again by closing T-shirts that version GITD on the lights.