Living in the UK is probably many people’s dream. Now, if you want to make the dream come true you must meet all the requirement in applying for citizenship including pass the british council level test. However, there are many things that you need to prepare but one of the most important steps is getting to know the citizen of the UK and how they live. The first step to getting to know people in the country is to get to know the culture and get to know their daily habits. Different countries, different cultures, and habits of people in the country. From how they do small things, behave to other people, how to talk, and so forth. One of which we will discuss is about the culture of the British people and habits that are used to do every day. Sometimes English people are hard to understand, but you will understand it better if you know their character.

English people have a habit of queuing wherever they are. As long as whatever the queue, they will be patient to stand in line. For example waiting in line for buses, trains, paying for food, paying for groceries, etc. So if you are in the UK, and do not do things like they are, you will be seen as ugly and they will not be comfortable close to you because you are seen as strange.

If they eat at a restaurant or cafe, giving a tip of around 10% is a common habit and everyone has done it. But if the bill includes a tip, they usually do not provide additional tips, but that’s an option. Just like when they eat at a restaurant, giving a 10% tip when they take a taxi is also normal. When at the hotel and hotel staff bring a suitcase or find a taxi for you, giving a tip of 1 or 2 pounds is enough and they often do. But don’t explicitly give the money, but thank you while shaking hands and giving the tip into his hand.