Aromatherapy has recently become a trendy term to refer to body treatments with pleasing fragrance attributes. Though aromatherapy is not just fragrant. Aromatherapy is actually one of the holistic medicine therapy that uses natural ingredients in the form of vegetable juice. In order to get the true aromatherapy properties, you must use certified organic and natural essential oils that come from plants and not synthetic essential oils of chemicals, even if they have a similar scent.

Jasmine essential oil (jasmine) or rose (rose) is found in the market in the form of synthetic essential oils made from chemicals. Because the price of essential oil jasmine and rose the original very expensive, for a few milliliters the price can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. Although synthetic essential oils have a scent that is almost identical to the original essential oil, synthetic essential oil cannot mimic the content of the active substance in a highly complex essential oil, while it is the active ingredient that has health and beauty benefits.

In addition, circulating a misconception about the use of aromatherapy. Most societies consider aromatherapy to be merely a fragrance used with dripping aromatic oil (sold in a small transparent glass bottle) into a heating brazier. Though such aromatic oil is not an essential oil that should be used in aromatherapy because most use synthetic essential oils. Even so, the use of the way is not wrong, you can still enjoy the fragrance that of course can bring a pleasant sensation of feeling. It’s just not aromatherapy. I prefer to call it aromatic oil as aromatic burning oil. But for you people with asthma, should avoid the use of such aromatic burning oil because it can worsen your health. Various studies show that the use of chemical fragrances as air freshener can cause respiratory problems.

In conclusion, the main prerequisite for you to enjoy the true benefits of aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils. Usage can be done in many ways, such as using a vaporizer or brazier, massage, compress, soak, evaporation and so on.