Many think that planting crops can only be done if they have enough land to grow many crops. In fact, you can plant it with an aquaponic system that you can do even if you have a little land. About aquaponics more complete, you can read it at There is a lot of information about aquaponics that you can know from the website.

With plants grown with an aquaponic system, you can plant it even when you have no land at all in your house. However, what are the actual plants that can be planted with the system?

1. Vegetable Salad
The meaning of this type of vegetables are vegetables that can be consumed directly or in a raw state. Such as lettuce, tomato, chili, onion Bombay and many more.

2. Herbs
Plants commonly used for this treatment you can plant with the aquaponic system and will produce a better quality of plants and more healthy. One of the herbs you can plant with an aquaponic system is mint.

3. Green Leafy Vegetables
Vegetables that have a green color on the leaves can also be planted with an aquaponic system. Examples of these vegetables are spinach, kale, and other vegetables.

4. Ornamental Plants
If you think that only vegetable crops can grow well with this system then you are wrong. Ornamental plants such as roses can grow well with the planting of this system.

So, for those of you who have not even a large area of ??land, you can also plant whatever crop you want if you understand how aquaponic techniques are right and can produce plants that have excellent qualities. Do not hesitate to plant crops just because you do not have a large land and think that the land in your home environment includes poor quality land. By using an aquaponic planting system you can start planting whatever crop you want very easily.