Digital marketing or online marketing can be done in various ways. Do you have the plan to deal with marketing web montreal? However, of the many methods, chat marketing websites are worth considering. One reason is that the marketing method through chat applications on the web has higher efficiency than other methods. Then, what kind of effectiveness is given by marketing methods with chat websites? There are so many benefits that can be enjoyed by online businesses including:

You can save the expense when hiring service from the web agency

The first advantage is saving expenditure. Especially, when compared to marketing via telephone. When using the telemarketing method, the credit bill will swell. Research from Forrester revealed that the practice of live chat marketing is 17-30% cheaper than telemarketing. This is, of course, different when compared to telemarketing. One operator can only handle one customer. Not surprisingly, companies that use marketing methods through chat websites can save money because they don’t need many employees.

Increase sales numbers

The practice of marketing through chat websites also shows sales effectiveness. The proof can be seen from the results of research conducted by the American Marketing Society. In the data, they reveal it is known that the live chat application can increase conversion rates by up to 20%. Not only that, but you can also get an increase in return on investment (ROI) up to 305% when using a paid website chat service.

Help find the pain points consumers

Chat website applications are also useful in finding hidden and unresolved consumer problems – or what is called the pain point. This can be done thanks to the chat history feature that is owned by a chat service for businesses.

Faster resolution of problems

Handling consumer problems through the chat application is relatively simpler than e-mail and telephone. An agent does not need to deal with a pile of documents. You only have to offer certain links related to consumer problems, especially if the business chat application used has complete features.