Even though new york seo company can help you realize the desires and achieve the goals, it doesn’t mean that all SEO techniques work well for your business. We must avoid SEO services that do not match the Google TOS. Using SEO services that violate Google’s TOS can actually endanger the search and reputation of a friend’s website in search engines, even our website can be deleted on Google’s index. Here are things that can be seen to avoid negative SEO services:

1. SEO services that want to be sure of the Top One page on Google in a short time.

SEO services providers who love Google’s top one page instantly like this will usually use very aggressive backlink techniques and invite Google penalties in the day and day. Maybe once your website becomes number 1 on Google search, but as time goes by Google will find irregularities in your backlinks made by the SEO services and finally a friend’s website is actually penalized by Google.

2. SEO services that claim attachment to Google.

Keep in mind, Google has never received any payment to include or rank sites in Google searches and not even as much and we do not have to pay to appear in Google search results, all of them are purely good SEO actions without any payment.

3. SEO services that do not want to give what they will do/are confidential

Always ask the SEO until we feel understood, avoid SEO services that do not want to give an explanation of what they do to your website. Avoid SEO services that mislead friends’ websites, such as doing a doorway page or throwaway domain technique. Doorway and throwaway actions are strictly prohibited by Google for SEO optimization, as a result, if the related website is found to be removed from the Google index it will be fatal.