You now can start to prepare the BBQ party to welcome the new year by simply finding out the best Paradise Grills Direct. On the turn of the year, of course, there are many traditions that you normally do! One of the things that has always been your mainstay choice is to do the tradition of barbecue parties. Indeed, there is a special sensation when roasting a variety of delicious foods crowded with friends or family. It feels more exciting and more familiar! However, if preparation is not ripe, maybe the BBQ will be messy.

BBQ grill

The first and foremost barbecue equipment is, of course, a grill or grill. There are many types of grills that you can choose, ranging from electric ones to those using gas cylinders. All you need to consider is certainly the factor of safety and practicality. If your outdoor yard isn’t big enough, it’s better to use an electric or gas grill because it doesn’t produce much smoke. While if you like the smoky taste of meat, you can choose a charcoal grill.

Cooking brush and brace

The last barbecue kit you need is a brush to apply BBQ sauce and versatile tongs so that the process of flipping through the grill becomes easier. If you don’t have a tong or tongs, you can also replace it with a BBQ fork or spatula. Anyway, keep the distance so that your hands don’t get hurt by the hot air from the grill!

Food ingredients for BBQ

After preparing the right grill, you also have to shop for food for baking later. Actually, almost all foods are suitable for the grill, but some mandatory foods for barbecue equipment are sausages, corn, ribs, chicken or beef steaks, shrimp, and meat satay with paprika.


To taste the taste of meat, the barbecue equipment you have to prepare next is grilled sauce. This marinade sauce functions so that the flavor permeates the meat. Before and after baking, you must apply this sauce to the meat so that it tastes better.