An asbestos roof is a type of roof that is quite popular in the community. As the name suggests, this roof is made of asbestos/asbestos, a natural mineral ore processed in such a way and becomes a building material that is ready for use. When making the decision to hire Asbestos Removed Melbourne service, it would be better to first know few things. The asbestos roof itself is made of a variety of asbestos fibers which are very smooth and visible with very lightweight. In the market, this asbestos roofing product consists of 5 different forms, namely:
Waves: usually used as building the roof with wide size and corrugated surface
Plate: usually used for home ceilings and has a flat surface shape
Asbestos tile: used as the roof of the building and shaped like a tile in general
Nock: Usually used to cover the upper corner of the asbestos wave
Carpas: used to cover the upper corners of the asbestos tile

Although there are now many variations of roofing materials, there are still many people who use asbestos roofs as an option. This is not because the price is relatively cheaper and the installation is much easier. In addition, the installation of this roof also requires less lath than other roofs because of its wide size. Unlike zinc, a room that is roofed with asbestos also tends to be cooler because asbestos does not absorb the sun’s heat. Another reason is that well-known asbestos roofs are water and fire resistant so they don’t leak easily and are not flammable.

Somehow, behind its various advantages, it turns out that the asbestos roof has an adverse effect that can endanger human health. This is due to the fact that these asbestos constituent particles have a very fine size so they are easily blown by the wind. As a result, asbestos particles which are inhaled continuously can even cause lung cancer.

Therefore, currently, the use of asbestos has been banned in some developed countries. In Indonesia alone, it is rare for building shops to provide these asbestos products. Asbestos roofs can only be found in older buildings and are hardly used in the construction of current house models. As for the asbestos substitute, it is better to use a fiberglass roof.