Do you need Rental software? Many people still have the doubt to start the business like the startup. Is it true that startup business is not a real business? If that’s what you ask, then there is no answer that can answer it. This is not because the answer is still ambiguous in determining whether a startup business is a real business or not. In fact, if we refer to the notion of startup, then all businesses that are still under 3 years old or new in pioneer is a startup. So it can be on the hook if there is no real business category terms and startup business, both are the same and not worth to distinguish.

The skyrocketing development of the startup world can’t get separated from the news about a startup that gets funding hundreds of millions of dollars. The media constantly preach about new startup to the startup that closed for various reasons.

With a large number of internet users and the startup ecosystem infrastructure that is starting to improve, it is very unfortunate if we do not take this opportunity. Usually, startup appears because of a problem in the community that must be handled, instead of Indonesia faithful side of life is still a lot of trouble?

Many beginner founders are in fact on the ground, having the goal of starting a startup to find the greatest investment, rather than focusing on their startup. It all started with a mindset that states that my startup can’ t run if it has not been funded by investors or venture capital.

The number of successful startups proves that a venture capital will only accept startups that have been able to prove that their business is successful on the run, according to the business plan that is created. So how can you prove your startup worthy if your focus is just to catch up with investors instead of catching up on your own startup and getting a profit?