The development of each child must be different stages, including the stages of walking. There are children who may be able to walk at less than a year with help from the best baby safety gates, while other children can only walk at the age of more than one year. This is certainly normal. However, actually when it can be said children are running late?

Walking is an important developmental process in children. Children have to go through various stages until they can actually walk on their own. Starting from learning to roll over first, sitting down, then crawling, creeping, then walk alone. Generally, most babies do their first step at the age of one year. Furthermore, at the age of 15 months, most babies are able to walk on their own without help. However, there are also new babies who can walk alone at the age of 17 or 18 months. You do not have to worry about this.

You may be concerned with the child’s motor development if the child continues to crawl and creep while other children his age can walk alone. However, do not rush to assume that your child is running late. It could be still in the category of normal child development. Then, when is the child said to be running late? If your child still cannot walk alone without help at the age of 18 months, this may be said that your child is running late. This can be unusual but may still be normal or can also indicate something is wrong in the child’s development.

Children may be running late because it lacks support from family and the environment, so the child’s muscles have not been strong enough to be able to walk alone at the age of 18 months. To get strong muscles, the muscles of the child must continue to work and be trained by performing various activities assisted by parents. Meanwhile, if parents or family rarely do activities with children or children sitting too much (not supported to learn to walk), the muscles of the child may not work properly. This can make the child run late.