For a thousand years we use archery for survival and hunting. However, in modern days most people use archery for sports. With the popularity that keeps increasing, the type of equipment used in modern archery is also developed along the way. One of the best equipment mostly used in archery is a compound bow. Compound bow made with a leveling system to bend limbs that will give you more accuracy in target practice. Technically, the compound bow will give you more advantages than a longbow or recurve bow because the limbs are much stiffer thus increase accuracy and more energy-efficient. However, you have to be very careful in choosing compound bow because you want your bow to last for a long time. If there are so many types of the riser, limb, and cams available that will best suit you, the compound bowstrings do not have that many varieties but you have to be sure the strings are made of the finest BCY fibers to ensure the quality and endurance.
With having the best equipment in archery like the compound bow, you could also get the health benefit of this popular sport. This is the kind of sport that will suitable for everyone from a very young age to the elders. Archery may seem simply drawing and shoot but practicing archery is also count as exercise. In a tournament, calories burn of the athlete around 100-150 in 30 minutes. So, even though archery is not as heavy as other cardio exercises, it is still very beneficial for your health. Archery will also help you gain core strength because most of the movement of this sport focused on your torso area from hands, shoulder and your back. So, make sure that you get the best compound bow that’s available near you and start your target shooting to get the benefit of the most fun and beneficial sport.