Some say that a glass of warm milk can help to sleep faster, and there are also people who fall asleep faster by meditation. There are indeed many ways that can help you sleep and you have to find the way that suits you best. Lack of sleep can have a bad impact on our body. Apart from feeling tired and unable to concentrate, lack of sleep can also increase the risk of several diseases, such as obesity, depression, fever, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

If you find it difficult to sleep, there are many ways you can help you sleep. One healthy way that can be done, namely Yoga Enfield. There are several yoga techniques and movements that you can do every night to help you sleep well. This yoga movement can be done in just minutes to trigger the body’s natural sleep process.

1. Functional squat
Start with an upright position. Spread the distance between your legs to parallel to your hips, stretch your arms so that they are parallel to your shoulders, then slowly start to squat position. Maintain a weight on your heels. If you experience difficulty in squatting without lifting your heels or feeling like you want to fall, you can hold onto something safe, such as the edge of your bed so that the position is more stable. Take three deep breaths in a squat position. Focus on relaxing your lower back every time you exhale. If you experience discomfort or pain in your ankles, knees, or shin, try widening the distance between your legs.

2. Warrior with one side bend
Start with a standing position. Slide your right foot back, resting on the heel and the finger pointing out. Bend your left knee until your knee is perpendicular to your left heel and keep your right leg in a straight position. If you have difficulty balancing, you can put your left hand on a bed or wall, but not on your hip. Lift your right hand above your head and stretch your right side, then inhale. Then keep that position and exhale. Then inhale again and position your right hand again as before. You can repeat the same movement on the other side.