Some people choose the roof design carelessly. In fact, the roof design is an important thing that you should choose well. There are many roof designs that you can choose. However, besides design, you also have to choose the right roof quality. You must choose a good roof quality. poor quality roofs can cause various problems. You can use services from Roof repair companies if you experience problems on your roof.

For those of you who are looking for the right roof design, some of the roof designs can be your recommendations.

Hip roof
The roof of this one house is a roof design that is most often used by many people. The design is simple and easy to build. This roof combines 4 sides of the wall of the house and is shaped like a triangle. In ancient times people used dry straw as roof tiles, but as time went on, straw was replaced with red bricks, steel, and ceramic tiles.

Mansard type
Mansard type is more often used in homes in Europe because of its superiority in maintaining warmth in a room. Consisting of four long sides and combined with one flat surface, the design of the roof of the house seems to hug 60% of the top of the house. The slope is also drastic, specifically built to prevent the accumulation of snow in the winter. The design is classic and royal, reminding us of the royal buildings in the western countries. In addition to the unique design, this roof design can also accommodate several rooms inside so that we can make it as attic storage.

Skillion type
Skillion roof houses only rely on one sloping area to be used as a roof. Both sides of the roof lean against a wall with a slope of about 20 to 40 inches, depending on the taste of each owner and the surrounding environment. Normally, skillion-roof houses located in places prone to rain and snow have a more drastic slope for the smooth flow of water and snow melt.