Before you hire an event organizer for a music event, it’s a good idea to look at the portfolio they have. Data from the portfolio that must be seen is how often they handle large events. For event organizers to handle concerts from international artists, it means they have additional value. For example, if you need a good EO which specializes itself in visual effects, you should choose a 3D Projection Mapping company with a lot of videos that show you their previous works.

Then, you just need to to see the success of the event they have made. If the program ends with great fanfare and without acts of anarchy, you must consider it as a victory. Last but not least is how they conceptualize the stage. Will the stage be magnificent? Festive? or Will it have various lighting effects?.

If you are still not satisfied with just looking at a portfolio, do a question and answer directly. Take out all questions related to the event so you can make a decision to rent it or not.

Services Provided

Before deciding which EO service to choose, make sure first, what services they have. If the service is incomplete, think first while looking for other alternatives. Don’t be hasty in making a decision because it can have fatal consequences for the event you are holding.


Experience is everything for the event organizer. With a lot of experience, they can handle various types of events well. Furthermore, they are also no longer confused if there is a problem at the event. With good teamwork, various problems such as brawl can be dealt with properly.

Consider the Budget

If you have found the best event organizer that is suitable for music events, the next step is to set a budget. The budget spent on renting an EO will be proportional to the services obtained. If you have abundant funds, you can take complete services ranging from renting taro, stage, lights, to security during concerts.

If the budget is mediocre, choose crucial services such as controlling the crowd, the stage, and security. Furthermore, the artist’s problem, you can provide yourself so that the budget you have can be saved.