By using a simple maintenance method, you can keep your beloved guitar long-lasting and well-maintained. That way, you can use your DIY Guitar Kit comfortably whenever and wherever.

Here are some simple ways to care for the guitar that you can try:

Put the guitar in the right place

This method can be done by placing the guitar in a special case guitar. This is done in order to protect the guitar from various kinds of dirt, dust, and others. This guitar case can be made of wood or sturdy plastic so that the guitar can be felt in a safe place.

Loosen the guitar strings

This is an important way to take care of the guitar. Guitars that have not been used for a long time should be loosened, so as to avoid curved guitars.

Clean the guitar regularly

The guitar needs to be cleaned regularly at least once a month. Use a special guitar cleaner to avoid rust on the guitar. Besides guitar strings also need to be cleaned regularly or can be cleaned every time after using it. These strings are cleaned with special string cleaners or commonly called string cleaners. This is done so that the guitar stays clean and is protected from all dust or dirt.

The temperature of the guitar must be maintained

The temperature of the guitar is kept warm so the wood stays dry and the sound stays loud. Get used after using the guitar to store it in a guitar case or placed on a guitar stand that stands upright. When you travel while carrying a guitar, don’t let your guitar get wet, because cold temperatures can cause rust and damage the wooden structure on the guitar.

Every guitar must be cared for in a way that is good and right so that the guitar stays loud or tunable when used. The maintenance steps mentioned earlier are very important to take to keep your beloved guitar durable, loud and ready to be used to perform at any time.