In addition to choosing the right type of pill, you still can not escape the sport to get a slim body. Do exercise at least 30 minutes per day. Exercise will help you burn calories, control your appetite, and also reduce water weight (the body water increases due to the effect of some birth control pills). However, you need to make sure that the birth control pill of your choice won’t hamper your exercise or training, so you need to learn about its effects first. Consult with your doctor when you want to choose the right type of birth control pill, so you will be able to choose the one that won’t bring any side effects after you exercise, as well as it won’t make you gain more weight. Apart from that, if you need a weight-loss program for ladies, perhaps you need to read the lady boss lean review.

In addition to regular exercise, reduce passive physical activity. More to walk, climb stairs, or play outside with children.

Maintain food intake

Expand foods rich in fiber to increase satiety more quickly so that your appetite will be controlled. For example vegetables and fruit that can make you full longer.

Avoid sugary drinks high in sugar such as soft drinks, fruit juices with lots of added sugar, and other flavorful drinks that contain lots of sugar.

Besides fiber, consumption of foods rich in protein. Reported on the Healthline page, foods that contain high protein can maintain weight, because protein can reduce appetite and increase satiety faster. Protein will help increase some hormones that cause satiety.

Continue to monitor body weight

Always monitor your weight regularly, at least 1-2 weeks. Weight monitoring is very helpful to find out what your condition is now. By knowing your weight, you can decide what should be increased and reduced.

Always have breakfast every morning

Studies show that people who eat breakfast successfully maintain stable body weight. Breakfast will help control hunger when the next meal. This becomes important to reduce the amount of intake that comes in at the next meal.