Temperature measuring devices are indeed needed by industrial machines. This is because industrial machinery is used every day without stopping. The machine can be damaged easily. Then a temperature measurement must be made so that the problems on the machine can be detected earlier. You can use the thermal imaging camera to measure the temperature of the machine. You can also use cheap thermal imaging camera.

In addition to industrial machinery, it turns out this camera can also be used to measure the engine heat. This heat measuring camera can zoom up to 4 times continuously. Measured thermal images, can also mark or find the hottest or coldest place automatically. It can record at the same time equipped with voice comment and technical explanation in the picture. The data or information also can be stored.
The colors that appear on this camera usually contain their own meaning. You must define the meaning of the color so that you understand the problem of what is happening on your machine. The measurement results of infrared thermal imaging cameras can start in white, red, yellow, green, and blue. The hottest color is white. You can read the red to blue gradations. The color or the hottest part on the machine is usually in the cylinder head close to the spark plug hole. This is the combustion chamber.

Many people do not check or measure temperature on their machines, so the machine is easily damaged. In fact, this temperature measurement can be the simplest way to treat machines that can be done by everyone.

You can’t wait until the machine is broken then you fix it, you have to prevent and avoid the damage that happened to the machine. Temperature measurement must be done by everyone. Engine temperature must be measured so that problems can be detected.